The joy of mindfulness

A 21 day experiential and transformational journey.

Enter peace

Are you one of the many people who want to bring more peace and presence into your life?
Do you find it difficult to find the time to meditate, or even take breaks to connect to your breathing?
Then this 21-day experiential journey into mindfulness is for you! 

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being present in the here and now.  There are many ways to practice it, and the tools and exercises I offer you on this course are designed to fit into your life, even if you are working full time!
Every day you will find step-by-step, gentle and simple exercises that will take you one step further into greater mindful presence.  
You can choose to give this gift to yourself.
And let me tell you, mindfulness is so much more than what most people think. I will take you deeper.

A 21 day journey

You will receive a course manual, divided into 21 sections, one for each day. Also included is a  workbook, a guided meditation and some additional breathing exercises. Why wait? Do you feel your heart whispering yes? All this for only $89!
Join me in mindful presence.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who at any time in their lives feel stressed or worried:
It is for any one who wishes to learn concrete tools to help them slow down, breathe, find more peace and open up to the beauty the world and of life!
Mindfulness can relieve worry, ease stress, help with anger, assist with better sleep and bring more joy into your life. Not too bad, eh? 

Join me

I love mindfulness and can with certainty say that it has changed my life! I started with small steps and just could not get enough once I realised the benefits!
I have been practicing it for over 8 years, and have now been teaching it for three years. I decided to create this course because I felt I wanted to reach more people all over the world. And now I have! Are you one of them?

An investment

Learning mindfulness is an investment for yourself and your health. For only $89 you will have access to this course for as long as you want.
Take the step. Invest in yourself. Take a deep breath and listen to your heart.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready for some real change?

Yes! I am in!

What's included?

42 Texts
1 Audio

Are you ready to allow more peace into your life?

Yes, I really am!
Elin Hejll
Elin Hejll
Priestess of Avalon and meditation freak

About the instructor

"I am a Priestess, witch, meditation freak and a creative hippie soul who is passionate about guiding you to a deeper connection to Goddess and to your own true essence.

It is my mission to guide you in ways that will open you up to the Divine Feminine energy within and without so that you can shine and live with love as your guiding light."

Elin is a Priestess of Avalon, trained in Glastonbury for three years with Kathy Jones. She has helped create ceremonies for the Glastonbury Goddess conference for several years and have also facilitated workshops, ceremonies and women´s circles in Sweden, England and Germany.

She has got a Diploma in Counselling from the The City Literary Institute in London. The three year course included psychology, ethics, personal development, supervision and client work. 

Elin is a Reiki Master trained by Kaz Thorpe in Australia (Level 1 and 2) and then by Liz Reveley in England (Master).

She has been studying mindfulness for over ten years and teaches it in a high school as well as online.

Elin has written several online courses which are available here and on her website.

Are you ready to let mindfulness change your life? It truly can! And YOU can!
Come on in!

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