Have you heard the whisper of the Goddess?

Are you ready to answer Her call?

Have you heard the whispers in the wind? Have you felt Her close as you stand in nature and look up at the moon? Are you ready to slow down and take the next step on your path with Her? She, the creating force of the Universe, Goddess, the Lady of 10,000 names is all around us and in every cell of our bodies. She is the energy that reminds us that we are sacred, that we are strong, and that we can find peace in every moment. I invite you to this 7-day introductory course to open yourself up to Goddess, or to re-ignite your soul connection to Her. Are you ready?

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Day 1: Intention

    • Setting your intention

  • 3

    Day 2: Presence

    • Presence

  • 4

    Day 3: Goddess of many names

    • She of 10,000 names

    • A sacred meeting

  • 5

    Day 4: Your sacred body

    • The body of the Goddess

  • 6

    Day 5: Your sacred centre

    • Your sacred womb

    • A womb meditation

  • 7

    Day 6: The elements

    • Air, fire, water and earth

    • The elements

  • 8

    Day 7: Calling yourself in

    • Give thanks for what you have experienced this week

    • Call yourself in

  • 9

    Congratulations and blessings

    • Well done, friend!

  • 10

    Further reading and inspiration

    • Get inspired!